Shoe Brands at Buskins

Hand Picked for Quality and Comfort

At Buskins Shoe Shop we put a great deal of time and effort into sourcing the best quality shoes available. We care about our customers feet and select only leading brands that have a high reputation for quality and comfort. Find out more about our trusted brands below:

Rieker shoes are renowned all over Europe for their ability to combine style with comfort. All of our Ladies and Mens shoes are designed and built with the following Rieker features and benefits:

  1. Minimum weight
  2. Optimum shock absorbtion on varying surfaces
  3. Maximum reflexibility
  4. A construction that devotes space to areas where the foot expands through the day


Caprice Logo

Since the foundation in 1990, CAPRICE has become an innovative centre of shoe production and technology in Pirmasens, a well known town for shoe production in Germany. CAPRICE’s ambition is to develop shoes which imply walking on a surface of clouds. A couple of their patented shoe innovations are explained below: 

The 2- in -1 insole

Two innovations in just one insole: typical Caprice. With up to 300 air bubbles in every Caprice onAIR insole, you enjoy a high level of comfort with better climate control and cushioning.

Better climate regulation
Moisture may concentrate in the air bubbles and will be passed through chambers with every step while walking. At the same time, the circulation of air is encouraged and the wearer benefits from a comfortable temperature.

Better shock absorption
The longer you are afoot, the more you will love Caprice shoes. Every single air bubble has a cushioning effect, thus not only preventing the first signs of fatigue, but also providing a constant and stimulating foot massage.

The heel air suspension

 “onAIR Antishokk” technology provides you with a far superior walking experience.

on air shoe technology

Greater relief
Your back will thank you for taking advantage of our air chamber/cylinder system that cushions every single shock. This way, your are protecting your entire body including your spine and joints while wearing our shoes.

While walking the heel suspension dips in automatically and thus absorbes a large part of the impact. Increasing your feeling of overall well-being and allowing you to relax and enjoy the day.

     Click here for a video describing the onAIR technology

Jana Logo

Jana soft flex soled shoes at buskins

Jana means 100% Comfort! Jana is a German brand (a subsidiary of the Wortmann Group) that combines the latest fashion with great comfort at an attractive price. High quality materials, comfortable inners, and exceptionally soft and flexible soles ensure an optimum sense of wellness coupled with a modern look. 

Jana appeals to shoe-lovers who appreciate comfort. They have developed innovative features to ensure that wearing their shoes day in day out is pure pleasure. The comfort width H, low heel pitches and innovative technologies in particular make all the difference!

jana featuresjana features soft stepjana features soft stepjana features removable sock

Josef Seibel Logo

We have stocked our collection of Josef Seibel sandals, clogs, shoes and boots for both men and women since day one and the brand has proven ever popular due to its mix of comfort, style and value.

In the production of Josef Seibel footwear only the best quality leathers are chosen and then handcrafted the traditional way. The majority of Josef Seibel shoes are produced within their own factories in Europe.

They have a  patented Airped® foot bed which guarantees the highest degree of all day and everyday comfort. The air channel system of the footbed, the perforated leather sole, as well as the full leather lining allow for an even foot climate.


The Airped® footbed is of a moulded anatomic design comprising of high grade foam in order that the comfort lasts with the footwear.

  • Absorption
    • Insoles absorb sweat to help keep feet dry
  • De-absorption
    • The insole is able to evaporate the sweat very quickly due to the carbon crystals
  • Cushioning
    • Absorbs and cusions the shock produced when walking
  • Recovery
    • Crush-proof insole which will maintain its initial shape throughout its lifetime
  • Anti-bacterial
    • Fungacide is included in the insole, to avoid the production of germs and fungus
  • Active Carbon
    • Carbon crystals used in teh insole are a natural filter of impurities and bad smells
  • Anti-static
    • The insoles are anti-static
  • Environmental
    • Responsibility is taken for the environment; recycled and water based products are used


Top Dry Tex Josef Seibel

All Josef Seibel Top Dry shoes and boots are equipped with a membrane which ensures that the product is waterproof and windproof whilst allowing the foot to breathe. A comfortable climate is ensured even within extreme weather conditions!

Tamaris Logo

Tamaris is the best known shoe brand in Europe and with good reason, it symbolises the fashion expectations of the quality-aware, cost-conscious woman who sees a brand not just as a lifestyle label, but who also values it as a personal promise of performance.

Always a step ahead: Each season provides an exceptional choice of styles with just the right shoe for every occasion. Made mainly from leather, Tamaris style comprises elegant models and business shoes that are perfect for everyday wear but which also complement a more casual look.